The Store of Requirement

Our rich history in providing top quality Harry Potter merchandise continues in opening a magical new site for customers previously unable to order. Our business now extends from the origins of Samford, Australia, to engage more Happy Potter fans in our world. We know that you have been waiting, and we are here now, offering years of experience in providing spectacular products from a multi-generational franchise. We go out of our way to find products that you will struggle to find elsewhere. Wizards and witches welcome, enjoy browsing through our chamber of secrets!

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OK, not quite delivered by the owl. But, we aim to get our products to our customers faster than most. We know excitement demands action and so we work tirelessly to ensure the magic continues after your purchase. Trust us to deliver your purchases fast, safely, and with the sprinkle of magic it deserves!

The Store of Requirement



The Store of Requirement opened its doors for business on 31st July 2017. The small town of Samford began the journey of becoming one of the premier resellers of Harry Potter merchandise across Australia. A true family business inspired by togetherness and a passion for the franchise.

Magic from Brisbane to the UK

It was 2017 when The Store of Requirement first opened it's doors in Brisbane, Australia. The family owned business, renowned in Australia as a premier provider of Harry Potter merchandise has soundly captured a market through the years. The family has worked to bring the magic to life. Now, as the family extends, the growth of The Store of Requirement extends to embrace The UK. We welcome you to join the community of magic and wizardry in a story that continues.

Harry Potter Merchandise & Gifts

In 1997, JK Rowling introduced the world to the young Wizard, Harry Potter. In what would become one of the best selling series of books of all time, Harry Potter enchanted humanity like a elder wand. JK Rowling could not have known that her creation would go on to inspire the hearts and souls of future generations. However, here we are, nearly three decades in. Since the original book, the Harry Potter franchise has produced 6 more books, films and multiple spin-off movies. It could be argued that the young wizard speaks to the soul of our inner child, somehow inspiring creativity and imagine in even the most resolute adults too. 

Harry Potter Merchandise 

There seems to be a never-ending cauldron of Harry Potter gifts available in the United Kingdom. From Amazon online to stores across the country offering something from the franchise. Amidst the white noise, and endless forest of collectibles, it can be difficult to know what is official. Well, at The Store of Requirement, we only stock official Harry Potter merch. You can have peace of mind browsing our collections that we have sought top quality supplies of popular products. And, we don’t stop there. Our shipping covers all major locations across the country including: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Southampton, Brighton, and more.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

If only there was a Diagon Alley near you right! Well if you’re thinking Harry Potter gifts near me then we have a selection of gift ideas starting with our very own gift card. There is an assortment of gift ideas on our site, and if you are looking for something very special, you can always reach out. We know a thing or two about Harry Potter, and our procurement team are experts in delivering the freshest stock on a weekly basis. There is something for everyone at The Store of Requirement, whether you are a fan or just searching for a gift for someone else. Why not check out our Harry Potter wands? If you are ever in doubt about what to buy someone else, a wand is always a fantastic option. In fact, wands are some of the highest selling products in the Harry Potter franchise, there are tons to collect, and collect they do!