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Harry Potter Illuminating Wand
Hermione Illuminating Wand
Hermione Illuminating Wand
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Harry Potter’s Wand Window Box
Hermione Granger’s Wand Window Box
Lord Voldemort’s Wand Window Box
Ron Weasley’s Wand Window Box
Draco Malfoy’s Wand Window Box
Ginny Weasley’s Wand In Window Box
Professor Snape’s Wand In Window Box
Bellatrix’s Wand Window Box

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Welcome to The Store of Requirement and a selection of Harry Potter Wands. We have sourced some of the best wands for our customers that ensure the highest possible quality of craftsmanship and detail. With a wand being such an integral part of a Wizards' magical journey, we know how important it is to pack the most amount of quality into our selections. Our team sourcing for Harry Potter wands US, have a great selection available for our US customers to enjoy their magical experiences alongside us fans!



Yes, we ship all our Wizards wands in the US. We have carefully selected a library of wands for our US customers and continue to serve the highest quality products from The Store of Requirement..

Typically sending to the United States takes 3-5 working days. Most of our orders tend to lean on the lower scale of 3 days, however sometimes may take a little longer. You have bought a wand now, wish it faster!


We have sourced the highest quality wands to ensure our customer satisfaction in the United States. Our team have worked for nearly a decade on sourcing Harry Potter merchandise.

Yes indeed, all of our products are officially licensed stock from the franchise and available for sale in the United States.