The Journey

Store of Requirement


The Store of Requirement opened its doors for business on 31st July 2017. The small town of Samford began the journey of becoming one of the premier resellers of Harry Potter merchandise across Australia. A true family business inspired by togetherness and a passion for the franchise.

As if by magic ....

a new dawn

The Store of Requirement stands as a cornerstone of Australian Harry Potter culture, its presence enduring over significant time. Its triumphs owe much to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of its proprietors and management. Yet, the ongoing success of this beloved brand across Australian terrain appears almost predestined, owing to the remarkable tenacity, fervor, and ingenuity of the Australian team.

Expansion, a natural trajectory for any thriving enterprise, beckons. Yet, the challenge of finding a team capable of perpetuating the special essence of The Store of Requirement can prove daunting. Fortunately, the same focused zeal and dedication exhibited by the Australian team resonate within counterparts across Europe and the United States, ensuring continuity and excellence in the brand's journey.

The magic continues

The Store of Requirement strives to continue to excellent work sustained in Australia by bringing a touch of the family-owned business to three new locations.

A message from the Team

Sometimes in life things align at times you would least expect them to. The Harry Potter franchise has exercised so many principles on which relationships, friendships and family have fortified. I have been part of multiple teams across the globe. Sometimes there is a common cause that unites a team, and usually, sustainability is achieved by a special journey.

Forward to 2023 and The Store of Requirement project. An expansion of dedication and passion to Harry Potter fans in three new countries.

Our aim is to uphold the business principles on which the brand was built. These principles go above and beyond to honour the franchise as well as the fans of the franchise. This can be best demonstrated by the tireless efforts of our digital team to provide a beautiful platform for our users. For some of us, our representation in The Store of Requirement is reflective of missed opportunities with those we love. Now, across three continents, our family comes together to be part of a special time for the business.

- Jay, Partner

In memory of my Dad

1962 - 2023

The other half of The Store of Requirement